The former city of Manchester began in 1609 as an English settlement and later became the haven of tobacco trade. In the 1800’s Richmond and Manchester were major ports due to location on the James River. Although Manchester’s history dates to the Colonial period and earlier, most of the buildings in the district are from the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. The working class boom experienced in Richmond was concentrated in Manchester. The first section of the Hopper Building was created in 1921 and was acquired by Western Tablet & Stationary in 1927. The location was on the corner of Everett & 7 th Street. As the business prospered, a warehouse addition to the building was added 1932 on the corner of Commerce & Maury Street and another in 1939 that spanned the corner of Everett & Commerce adding offices to the business space. Philip Morris USA became the industrial owner and continued utilizing the building by adding a fourth section on 7th and Maury Streets. The Hopper Building now spans an entire city block! The 1919-1952 Sanborn Map shows a railroad that travels through the center of the building. Much of this former railroad bed remains as open space between the buildings and is utilized as courtyard space for the new apartment community. Come visit Hopper Lofts to rekindle your love for Richmond history!